Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic based in Rockdale

Alfred worked in community services for 10 years, helping young people aged 15-21 facing multiple barriers around homelessness, drug and alcohol, mental health and long-term unemployment. It was there that he realised the power of exercise in bridging the gap between mental health and physical health. Initially using exercise as a tool for engagement, he began to see the vast improvements in his clients through exercise. In addition to their confidence growing, their life began to improve as well - including their posture, diet and mental health.

It is Alfred’s long-term vision to merge both exercise and mental health, whilst increasing the quality of life for his clients.  He owns and runs his own personal training business, “Tier 1 Training”.

About “Tier 1 Training”:

  • Two main focuses: injury prevention and rehabilitation.  
  • Affordable personal training through the small group model.
  • A maximum of 8 people in a group, ensuring individualised attention and monitoring of correct performance of exercises.  
  • This differs from High Intensity Interval Training in a gym setting, which can have up to 40 people in a class, with the trainer often being on a platform away from the participants.
  • Constant, clear communication with the Physiotherapist and other allied health practitioners on the required treatment plan.
  • Physio patients can receive individualised attention for their rehab to keep them motivated and ensure they are doing their prescribed exercises properly.
  • Injury prevention is around ensuring that there are strategies around falls prevention and continual strength training in functional movement.


  • 1 on 1 training: flexible times during week
  • Small group training (max 8): scheduled class times during the week

For more information, please contact Alfred directly on 0400 235 095, or see his website: